Yesterday, I mentioned that my husband's kind of a pack rat. The things that he collects are in no way valuable or even pretty. They're trash. Either from off the street or from items I'm trying to throw away. But, before I make him out to be some kind of lunatic, I should note that he uses these random objects to create tiny sculptures in his spare time. Lately, he's been making robots with movable parts and lights that switch on and off like the two below. And since I think that's completely awesome, I let him continue compiling as many discarded pieces of trash as he long as he keeps them on his side of the studio.

His collection is actually divided into three specific categories: electronic boards and wires, small plastic pieces, and old, rusty, metal objects. Yeah, I know, not very academic categories, but they work for him. And that last collection is huge. I just picked out some of the more interesting looking metal pieces, but he's got drawers upon drawers of those. And I know that those drawers will keep multiplying and multiplying and multiplying...

Collection #4: Jesse's Collections

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