This collection started about seven years ago and has been going strong ever since. Jesse and I actively seek out the old-school photo booths whenever we visit a city. So far, we've managed to take photos in Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and along the Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey Shores, but there are still so many photo booths out there to be had. And again, like the carousels, if we have friends with us we try to make them join in. You can see the rest of the collection here. Yep, I have a chronologically organized flickr set of all of our photo booth adventures....I'm a big nerd, what can I say...

Collection #2: Photo booth Photos

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  1. adorable. i've only been able to drag my jesse into a photobooth once, and even that was a challenge, i had to keep pestering him all night to do it. of course now he keep the strip by his office desk :-)

  2. aww, that's sweet. i think my jesse just gets lured into them because he likes anything and everything kind of old-school vintage. and luckily he's good and being a ham in front of the camera:)


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