I just finished up several illustrations for a feature in Carleton College's summer alumni magazine about sabbaticals. The wonderful caveat for this assignment was that the finals were supposed to look like my sketchbook work!

The three illustrations were to be based on specific sabbatical experiences by professors from within the article. I several sketches for each illustration before going to final.

Sketches for the first illustration about the various people and situations one professor encountered in waiting rooms to meet local Brazilian politicians:

And the final, based off of the second sketch:

Sketches for the second illustration, based off of travel one professor took to the Faroe Islands in Iceland for research:

And the final, based off of the third sketch:

 Sketches based off designs formed by polymer synthesis techniques (We were basically trying to make chemical bonding charts look pretty):

And the final, based off of the first sketch:

This was a really fun assignment. I loved switching between so many diverse topics while working so loosely. I could draw the Faroe Islands for days and be content. The reference photos I looked at were all so beautiful - it's now been added to my future travel list!

New Illustration Work

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