I just wrapped up a portrait illustration assignment for one of Scientific American's supplemental magazines. I got to work with one of my favorite art directors, Joelle Bolt, and create three portraits of Ag-Bio scientists currently making strides in their field.

Yasmin Othman

Clive James

Adrian Dubock

I revised the original images to remove the background color and added a vignette upon request. So, the images on the right side are what will be printed in the magazine (and I agree they integrate better with the text this way), but I still prefer the originals as stand alone images. So, I'm posting both. I also tweaked the portraits to turn them into tiny thumbnails placed at the top of each page, but those aren't so interesting to look at on their own.

It was fun to turn out a few pretty quick portraits again after the long book assignment and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out (for now....I can't look at any of my work for long without starting to nitpick it).

Portraits for Scientific American

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