Jesse and I found out about the "Up Series" documentaries several years ago and plowed through all seven of the earlier installments in one week. I just saw that the latest installment, 56 Up will finally be released in America soon and a trailer was made available last week!

If you've never heard of the "Up Series" before, here's a brief summary from a recent article on

"It began in 1964 with 7 Up, for which Granada Television brought together 20 7-year-olds as a cross section of British society, inspired by the Jesuit motto "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man." Though it was not part of the original plan, Michael Apted, a researcher on that film, has since interviewed 14 of those subjects for a new documentary every seven years."

This series is not only one of my favorite documentaries ever, but I find it a valuable document on the human condition. Definitely check all of them out when you get a chance!

56 Up Trailer!

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