Halloween's coming up in just a couple of days, so this amazing, surreal Fleisher bros. Betty Boop animation featuring the creepiest rendition of Cab Calloway singing Minnie the Moocher is here to help to get you in the mood.

I'm super excited for Halloween - it's one of my favorite holidays. Whether we do much to celebrate it this year will probably just depend on how Hurricane Sandy affects Baltimore over the next two days. Classes were canceled at MICA this morning due to the weather, so I'm thinking it's going to turn into a much needed sketching and cleaning sort of day. Teaching and illustration work has made life so hectic lately I haven't had much time for either in a while. We've got electricity for now and fingers crossed that we keep it the whole time!

p.s. - For an equally bizarre, but wonderful vintage skeleton-themed video, check out this amazing version of the costumed Lennon sisters singing "Dry Bones" on television. You won't regret it!

Video Friday Monday: Minnie the Moocher

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