Through, MICA, the school where I teach, I've been able to attend several amazing illustrator and artist lectures in the last few weeks.

First, Caroline Hwang presented on her embroidered and mixed-media illustrations and gallery work.

Then, Nathan Fox told amazing stories about the inspiration behind his work and talked about his early struggles as an illustrator and the interesting new Narrative Graduate Program he's leading at SVA.

Finally, last week, Adam Wallacavage gave a fun and interesting talk about his work as a photographer and sculptor of the most beautiful chandeliers ever. Adam's a Philly artist whose work I've followed since we lived in that same city, so it was especially great to finally hear him speak in person.

Getting to sit in on free lectures by really talented artists is probably my favorite part of my job and always leaves me inspired to go out and work harder on my own stuff.

Caroline Hwang, Nathan Fox, and Adam Wallacavage

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