This should be my last post about Paris. Immediately after coming back into town, I got sucked back into the Flannery O'Connor illustration assignment and my silkscreen project, plus I return to teaching tomorrow, so my mind has already moved on to other things.

I did want to share these last few photos, though, before moving on. It's a dump of some of the random but beautiful street art, posters, typography and design elements that we encountered while in Paris.  I was really enchanted by all of it, so I thought you might be too.

the blue tiles above are from a fish shop - brilliant!

Also, I had been planning to post the polaroid and holga photos I took in Paris, but since I'm itching to move on to new topics, I'll just share this link to my flickr set where you can view them all if you'd like.

By the way, my land camera unexpectedly turned out to be a great way to meet locals. Twice, Parisians started conversations with us after asking about my camera (including this talented gentleman)! It makes me want to carry it with me always.

Alright, next post will return back to our regular programming. Au revoir!

Last Paris Post - Art, Posters, and Design on the Streets

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