Jesse and I spent the weekend with a couple of friends in Chincoteague, VA. Chincoteague's claim to fame is that it's right next to Assateague Island, a tiny island with a beach and nature preserve that is home to packs of wild ponies. We flew kites on the beach, played frisbee, kayaked next to ponies and arrived back to Baltimore tired, sore, completely covered in mosquito bites, but happy.

Jesse demonstrating his mad kite flying skills. Taken with my land camera.

The universe finds way to keep things in balance, though, especially unfettered bliss. A few hours later, I saw that my illustration website had been hacked by malware (!!). It didn't take too long to remove the hacked code, re-upload clean files and get it back up and running normally, but I would have much rather spent the evening in a warm bath.

A Weekend of Ponies and Beaches

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