For the last ten years or so, ever since Jesse and I started using a digital cameras, we stopped printing snapshots. The only tangible photo albums we own are from our wedding and honeymoon and the only printed photos we have the ones from my polaroid land camera and the occasional film camera I've played around with (holga, diana+, and 35 mm). We finally decided as our summer project to print, organize, and catalog the last ten years worth of snapshots in photo albums. This was partially inspired by the meticulous photo albums my grandmother kept and how much I enjoyed looking through them.

The photo albums are an ongoing project and occasionally I might post some old snapshots that I've rediscovered if I find any that I like. In the meantime, that project has also reminded me to scan and catalog a backlog of old polaroid land camera photos and old holga photos that I never got around to doing anything with.

So, here's my first dump of forgotten photos. A bunch of polaroid land camera photos from 2011 - 2012 that I never posted, either because I was too busy or I just didn't think they were very good. I still don't think they're great - there's a definite reason why I'm an illustrator by profession and a photographer only for fun - but I'm going to post them anyway.

Jesse. May 2011. The first land camera photo I ever took.

Chandelier from our house in Philly. Summer 2011.

Self portrait. Summer 2011.

Jesse in Baltimore. August 2011.

My dad in his backyard in Alabama. Oct. 2011. The double exposure was a happy accident.

Mt. Vernon, Baltimore. Summer 2012.

Jesse hiking in Gunpowder Falls. May 2012.

Penn Station, Baltimore. June 2012.
Keep an eye out for a post of old holga photos and maybe a post of some snapshots from the last ten years soon!

Forgotten Polaroid Land Camera Photos

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