Yesterday, I reupholstered the "new" studio chair Jesse and I found at this amazing salvage shop in Baltimore.
I also finally read Jane Eyre for the first time. I'll admit I got wrapped up enough in it enough to finish it in one sitting. I picked up this copy at an estate sale a few weeks ago because I really liked the illustration on the cover (although now I don't think it's the best physical depiction of the characters...blah blah blah opinionated literature snobbery).

p.s. - I don't use instagram that often....about the same as my sporadic blogging... but I added a new link on the right side of blog to my photo stream if you're curious.

Chair and Eyre

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  1. Ah, someone skipped Jane Eyre in junior English... not a bad idea. I hated it then, would probably love it now. Strange how an extra 12 years has changed my attitude toward classic literature...

    Hope everything's going well!

  2. Woah, was Jane Eyre required reading for us in high school? If so, I don't know why I skipped it - I'm such a bookworm I used to actually be excited to read everything:)

    It's always great to hear from you. All's well here. I'll have to check out your blog right away to see what's going on with you!


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