Last Sunday, Jesse and I stumbled upon the last performance of the season of The Rocky Horror Show at Theatre Project - a small theatre venue conveniently located a couple of blocks from our apartment that's known for constantly putting on interesting shows.

Anyway, the performance was great, but even better was the poster designed for the show by David Pluckert of Spur Design. That's how you know The Theatre Project has good taste - they get David Pluckert to design all of their posters. He's possibly my favorite theatre poster designer ever.

Oh, and the reason we were walking by Theatre Project that night was to check out a Greek food festival going on at a Greek Orthodox church next door. So, a spanakopita baklava sundae and a live performance of The Rocky Horror Show....not bad for a last minute decision to take a walk around our block.

Rocky Horror at Theatre Project

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  1. That is a great poster! I will be looking into Mr Pluckert's work. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. No problem! So glad to introduce more people to his work since I think it's tops!


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