I love Halloween. It's the only holiday where it's not only accepted, but encouraged for adults return to the childhood activity of playing dress-up....and then parade around in public that way.

But this weekend I've heard reports that we might get snow (!!). It's just way too early in the year for me to try to come to terms with my fear of Winter, so at the first sign of a snowflake, I'm locking myself inside, costume and all, for a horror movie marathon while I finish some illustration assignments.

For any of the other recluses out there who plan to do the same, here are a few horror/ suspense movie marathon suggestions. FYI: I can't stomach slasher, torture, or intruder-based scary movies. I'm a big wimp when it comes to horror films anyway, so the only ones I can watch lean more to the visually-interesting and suspenseful end of the spectrum, rather than eye-covering terrifying....although some of these still give nightmares.

1. Early Masterpieces: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari/ Nosferatu/ Tod Browning's Freaks (gooble gobble, one of us)

2. Creature Triple Feature: Frankenstein/ Bride of Frankenstein/ Dracula (1931)

3. That Nice, Quiet Boy isn't Actually so Nice: Psycho (1960)/ Peeping Tom/ American Psycho

4. Night Terrors: The Night of the Hunter/ Night of the Living Dead (1968)/ Wait Until Dark

5. Children Are Creepy: The Shining/ The Devil's Backbone/ The Orphanage (You could easily add Pet Semetary or The Omen (1976) to this list.... disturbing children are the absolute worst for me)

7. Animals Aren't Any Better: The Birds/ Cat People (1942)/ Jaws


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  1. Horror movies are scary if watching it for the first time. The next time would be boring and predictable.

    There are some Disney horror flicks like the Headless horseman in The SleepyHollow and The Bald Mountain spirit dance, did you give them a try?

  2. This is true. I love The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! The Headless Horseman terrified me as a child, but now I just think the movie is great, and if I'd thought to include a scary animated movie category, it definitely would have made the list. I've never seen Bald Mountain, but will now have to!

    Thanks for the suggestions!


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