A couple of weeks ago, I watched 13 Most Beautiful...Songs for Andy Warhol Screen Tests. It's a collection of 13 of Warhol's silent black and white screen tests put to a soundtrack by Dean & Britta. I especially like the Lou Reed screen test above, set to a cover of one of his songs.

I can see how most people might find these to be incredibly tedious, I would almost recommend them as a background video at a party or in the background while working on a project instead...but if you enjoy watching faces and listening to good music like I do, then I also think they can stand on their own.  You can find a few more of the screen tests from this collection on youtube.

Video Friday: Andy Warhol + Dean & Britta

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  1. Hello there! I love your blog and your illustrations!
    I draw too but i'm still studying at school :D

    These types of videos hypnotize me, have you ever watch Andy eating an hamburger? It's so...strange and catching!


  2. thanks, Poppy! i haven't watched the hamburger video, but i've seen a ton of Warhol's other films and i know what you mean. i once sat through an hour of his 8-hour empire state building film for a history of silent film class. i think of his films more like moving (or sometimes barely moving) portraits or landscapes rather than films. glad you enjoy them as well!


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