Our house finally went on the market last week, which means we've done all of the painting, rearranging and renovating we can do. So, I figure that it's finally time to show you a few photos. 

Since we originally planned to live here for several more years, only about a quarter of our plans for the place got completed. And when we realized in February that we might be moving, we stopped buying furniture and hanging artwork. So what you're seeing is really just a work in progress. And instead of a full house tour, here are a few vignettes of the parts that are the most finished. Also, I didn't include any photos of my studio, because it hasn't changed too much since this post. Maybe soon I'll put up a couple of before-and-afters... like the original scratched-up black and white checkerboard vinyl floors that used to be in our living room.... yeah.

living room
stairway, bedroom door and bathroom
living room
dining room
library/ guest room
stairway and living room
backyard and kitchen window

Our House

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  1. It looks so pretty - you guys have great stuff! Good luck with the sale :)


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