Ferraby Lionheart came through Philly a few weeks ago and played at Kungfu Necktie. I planned to go to the show, but then due to my complete disorganization mixed up the date and completely missed it. So in my grief, I'll just have to post one of his videos on the blog instead. This song will seriously get stuck in your head, but it's okay because it's good.

Do you have any fun weekend plans? We've been painting our kitchen all week and are planning on working on our back yard this weekend. Jesse got to feel like a lumberjack a few days ago by removing a stubborn old tree/enormous weed stump from our garden with a hatchet and saw. Now I can start planting some of the vegetable seedlings I've been growing inside and hopefully they won't all die. If we can get that space cleaned up enough, I promised to show some photos. I also have some drawings to work on and a trip to plan.

Friday Video: Pocketknife by Ferraby Lionheart

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