I've had a great week - spring weather, trees blooming, lots of work, a last minute visit from an old friend, and tomorrow night, Jesse and I are going to see The Black Lips play at the Troc!

Also, remember how obsessed I was with In the Mood for Love? That obsession has never really let up. I found out soon after watching it that it was part of a very loose trilogy. So, a few months later, I watched the last movie (2046), and finally, just this week, I watched the first part (Days of Being Wild).  The characters and stories are only loosely connected, so you don't have to watch all three to enjoy each movie, but I still recommend that you do and think it enhances each one. In the Mood for Love is still my favorite of the three but that takes nothing away from the other two, since I think it might be one of my favorite movies ever ( tied with The Apartment and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

Anyway, that was a very long introduction to one of the best pick-up scenes I've ever seen in a movie, delivered by one of the smoothest characters of all time. And this is just part of the first few minutes of Days of Being Wild. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

Video Friday: Days of Being Wild

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