I lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama from age two through eighteen. It's where I grew up, it helped form who I am today and even though I've been gone for many years now, it has never completely left me. I still consider it my home and my parents, sister and brother-in-law still reside there, along with many friends.

Earlier tonight, a mile-wide tornado sliced through my hometown, causing massive damage. My family is fine, just without power right now, but that's the case for at least 50,000 other people in their city as well. I've been glued to the news all evening as the injury and fatality count increase, and more and more photos and videos of the devastation appear online. Even if I can't physically be in Tuscaloosa right now, my heart and mind are with all of the people of the town, and the region, tonight.

You can view some of the footage of the tornado here and here and here.

Thinking About Home

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  1. Hope the damage is not to bad and that people will be ok.


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