Our house has a typical scary unfinished basement which I usually avoid unless I really have to do laundry or find a place for more of our junk. The previous owners didn't do the best job of cleaning before we moved in, but for the most part they only left boring, useless artifacts (empty cleaning supplies, paint cans, broken shelving, etc). After further delving, I realized from the levels of dust and product names, that it must have been a tradition of sorts for previous owner not to clean out the basement, since things were obviously left from different decades and by different groups of people.

Last week, while waiting for my washing machine cycle to finish up, I remembered an old, cheap briefcase with a broken handle that I had spotted in the past, but never felt curious enough to investigate further. Upon opening it up, I found tons and tons of old black and white photographs from the 40s and 50s. A few caught my eye and I decided to bring them back upstairs to live again in their (possible?) old house. No information was written on the back of any of these, so I just decided to make up my own names and background for them. Let me proudly introduce the new mascots of our manor.......


......and Natasha

And this is Natasha after a very striking haircut

I dare say they make a very dapper, and mysterious couple. A standard to definitely try to live up to. I'm going to have to frame and hang them up somewhere as a reminder.

In other vintage photo news, The Sartorialist is starting his vintage photo series again! I loved seeing those last summer and can't wait to see the new round.

Mysterious House Guests

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