Over the weekend, I watched the french heist masterpiece, Le Cercle Rouge for the first time. The film manages to set up the intricate details of a robbery, while also exploring the psychology of each of the three criminals involved, as well as the detective constantly on their tail, all while barely speaking a word. Each camera shot is styled and set up so beautifully, that heavy dialogue would only be a distraction anyway. The smart suits, mod decor, and subtle acting are enough for me to keep this movie on heavy rotation for a long time. Plus, Alain Delon!! Even with a kinda silly mustache....Alain Delon!! Enough said.

Le Cercle Rouge

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  1. Alain Delon!!!I haven't seen his name in print for ages.When I was growing up in Europe he was considered the sex symbol of all times and was in the dreams of all teen age girls.And I bet in their mothers' dreems too.


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