A few of the many things I've been inspired by lately:

Clockwise from the top:

1. Yelena Bryksenkova's sketchbook. I actually taught her several years back when she was a sophomore at MICA. This lacework is especially lovely.

2. The movie Diner. Especially this priceless Kevin Bacon scene. Design*Sponge did a great "living in" post on the movie several weeks ago that made me watch it again.

3. Vintage scissor walls lamps. I've been ebay stalking a couple of these.

4. The six part PBS documentary/reality series "Circus" follows the Big Apple Circus for a season. I'm about halfway through watching it on netflix instant view and loving it so far.

5. This is pretty much my winter uniform. Just exchange the blazer for a super long cardigan and every once in a while throw in a skirt and tiny dotted tights and you've got me covered for a week. Oh yeah, and shrink the legs by a mile.

6. For the last year, Jesse's been on an early 90s music binge for better or for worse. It has reminded me of how much I love Only In Dreams, off of Weezer's blue album, though, so I can't fault him too much.

7. Cursive typewriters exist! Who knew. Someday, I will own one of these.

8. This color palette makes me happy while it's snowy and dreary outside.

9. Over the weekend, I picked up this typewriter key necklace for ten bucks from Urban Outfitters and have been wearing it ever since.


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  1. I'm in love with that same color scheme. I want to do my living room in those colors, but alas, I'm only renting :(


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