Continuing the forgotten series...
 Illustrator: F.X Leyendecker. February 1922

Illustrator: John Held Jr.  November 1925

Illustrator: John Held Jr.  January 1926

 Illustrator: John Held Jr.  February 1926

 Illustrator: Russell Patterson.  September 1928

Just a parade of endless flappers...the first and third might be my favorites...although I love how modern the last covers feels. Why choose a favorite? I like them all.

Vintage Magazine Cover Inspiration: Life

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  1. I love these! I'm currently studying fashion illustration at F.I.T and we're doing a project where we illustrate a fictional vogue cover. Definitely inspired by these! John Held Jr. was amazing.

  2. Glad you're inspired by them, too and good luck with your own illustration work!


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