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I've mentioned before that I teach a figure drawing class. One of the benefits is that every once in a while, during one of the longer poses, I get time to do my own quick sketch. We mostly draw nudes, but every once in a while, we draw someone like Tim, who will happily pose in his own top hat and tails on request.

Another Random Sketchbook Page

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  1. This may sound really weird, but I think I know Tim! We have a family friend named Tim who is bald with a crazy mustache... my mom recently learned that he models for art classes when she went to a class at the Wayne Art Center and he was the model! So I'm betting it's the same Tim that you drew.

    Also, wanted to let you know that I posted about your work on my blog the other day! As always, I love your style...

  2. He's the only bald, mustached model named Tim I've met in town so far, so he might be one and the same! I love when Philadelphia feels like a small town.

    Thanks so much for posting about my work!

  3. You are so talented, I never tire of looking at your work!


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