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I've always been smitten with beautiful typography, but since our house purchase, I've been paying extra attention to smartly designed house numbers. Papercut, a french design duo, takes photos of well-designed street numbers whenever they move to or visit a city and then chronologically displays them on their website. Needless to say, their meticulously organized collections have mesmerized me for at least a good hour. These are some of my favorites from their LA, NYC, San Francisco, Troyes, and Brussels collections.

When the last owners of our house decided on the placement and purchase of our own house numbers,  their decisions seem to intentionally align with the cheapest, most boring numbers strategically placed in the most ill-advised, hardest-to-read location....so this post is pretty self-serving - I'll be using these photos for my own inspiration as well.

p.s. - My huge book illustration project is finally finished, so my blogging hiatus is over as well! Regular blogging returns now! Semi-regular blogging returns now!

Images via Papercut

Address Typography

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  1. welcome back to (semi) regular blogging - you've been missed!

  2. aww, thanks sianne! i've missed blogging and am so glad to have a little extra time to do it now!


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