The past couple of weeks have been been pretty intense since we moved to our new house - lots of cleaning, installing new appliances and ripping out ugly flooring. Plus, I caught a cold, Jesse got a root canal, my Fall semester class started, and am still trying to wrap up this book illustration project.

In the midst of all of that, I've been trying to explore my new neighborhood. I like that I'm still finding hidden corners of the city after living in Philadelphia for six years. My favorite discovery is this mural tiled to the wall of a small park. It's not so much, the mural itself, but the bold tile colors and the matching roofs behind it.

(click to enlarge)

In other news - I really want to thank anyone who bid on my drawing in BlogHer's gulf charity auction. It ended up getting 33 bids and earned $224.01 dollars for the Nature Conservancy! Good work, guys!


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  1. I bid $220 and was outbid at the last minute. *sigh*

    If you ever decide to put any of your other work up for sale let me know.

  2. aw, i'm so sorry you got outbid, jenny. i've had thoughts in the back of my head about auctioning off drawings regularly or setting up an online shop to sell them, but just haven't gotten around to putting anything like that into action yet.

    ps - i got your email from ages ago and am so embarrassed that i haven't replied back yet. work assignments have been killing me these last two weeks. thanks for contacting me. i promise to send you a proper reply very, very soon.


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