This weekend, 80 pieces of art, curated by Kirtsy and inspired by blog posts deemed "Voices of the year", will be exhibited at BlogHer's annual conference in New York City and then auctioned off post-conference. All proceeds will benefit the Gulf charity, The Nature Conservancy. I was asked to contribute a piece and since I grew up vacationing on Alabama's gulf coast, there was no way I could say "no".

The blog post I was assigned dealt with the rewards of hard-work and self-sufficiency, and inspired this drawing titled "Self Reliance". 

(click to enlarge)

Hopefully it will raise in a little bit of money to a help out a much needed area of the country. You can read more about the BlogHer/Kirtsy gala event hereand bid on artwork here.

Drawing to Benefit the Gulf

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  1. Your piece is gorgeous! I was at the kirtsy party, but not long enough to look at the artwork. It would've been such a delight to see this in person! I'm such HUGE fan of your work. Your style is simply beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much, Melissa! And thanks for helping to get me involved in the auction. I felt so honored to be asked. Hopefully we can raise a little money for a good cause!

  3. so beautiful! i, too, wish i had been able to see this in person... kudos!


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