Today I turn 28! Normally, I'd gripe about getting older, but I feel like this is going to be a good year. I've got a couple of potential exciting illustration projects lined up, Jesse and I are ruminating on some big plans, and maybe this will finally be the year we buy our house! Also, I spent the last week of 27 sick with not one, but two different colds, so I'm ready for that year to be over. And Jesse just made me breakfast, so the year is already starting out smashingly.

The nicest part of a June 2nd birthday is that I get to share it with my favorite member of the Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts!

He's probably the most quiet member of the band, as well as a former art school kid, graphic designer, distinguished dresser, and impeccable jazz drummer. Plus, he's still married to his wife from before the band became famous - I like him on every stripe.


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  1. Happy Birthday! 28 is a fantastic number, so I'm sure it's going to be a brilliant year for you!

    Also... Charlie Watts is the BEST! I love that he was an art school kid.

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like you off to a fantastic start! XX Katie

  3. happy birthday! i am right around the corner - hope you have a good one!

  4. happy birthday!
    i adore your blog. x

  5. thanks so much for all of the wonderful birthday wishes everyone! i had a great day and will have to share more details of it with you soon!


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