Continuing the series....

Illustrator: unknown. November 1909

Illustrator: George Wolf Plank. August 1912

Illustrator: Helen Dryden. July 1913

Illustrator: George Wolf Plank. November 1917

Illustrator: George Wolf Plank. April 1918

Illustrator: George Wolf Plank. November 1924

Illustrator: Eduardo Garcia Benito. December 1925

Illustrator: André Marty. February 1926

Illustrator: Eduardo Garcia Benito. July 1926

Illustrator: Pierre Mourgue. December 1927

I love looking not just at the illustrations, but also at all of the different incarnations of the Vogue Logo. And some of those George Wolf Plank covers really blow me away.

Vintage Magazine Cover Inspiration: Vogue (American)

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  1. These are fantastic! great finds and great illus work!


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