To continue the series....

Illustrator: Harriet Meserole. January 1921

Illustrator: Helen Dryden. February 1921.

Douglas Pollard. May 1929
Douglas Pollard. May 1929

Douglas Pollard. August 1929

Okay, so this time there are more interiors than covers, but they were too nice not to include. The top image is my absolute favorite - for the pop of red against the neutral colors, for the simple composition, for the little dog at the edge of the page...for many reasons. Next week I'll post covers from this magazine's American edition, there are just too many to include all at once.

Via: Eyesing

Vintage Magazine Cover Inspiration: French Vogue

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  1. Illustrator - Douglas Pollard

  2. thanks so much! this is one of the reasons I like having a blog. I'll update it now.


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