A couple of weekends ago, I stumbled upon a stoop sale while going for a morning walk. Luckily I had a couple of dollars in my pocket, because hidden in a stack of books, I found these three vintage beauties....for 50 cents each! The typography and endpapers alone are enough to slay me.

**update** apparently there's a flickr group devoted to these books here. There are at least 90 titles in the series!

p.s. - When I was four years old, my preschool put on a play of Pinocchio based on the Walt Disney version of the tale. I starred as Jiminy Cricket.
Looking back at the photos I feel like it had to be the most bizarre production ever.

Stoop Sale Treasures & Jiminy Cricket Memories

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  1. These are fantastic! Do you know the publisher? I'd love to see if I can find a set too for my neice! (And one for myself too!)

  2. The publisher is Nelson Doubleday. And they're called the Junior Deluxe Editions. The copyright was 1955 (I actually had to translate it from roman numerals, too, ha!). I don't know if the actual books are that old or not, but they kind of smell like they are:) There are probably even more in the set, but these are the only ones I was able to scavenge. Best of luck!


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