Every time I take a long break from blogging, this is what I hear in my head, only replace boy with blog. Seriously. My mind taunts me with Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood. I don't know why, but it's not cool and I'd like it to stop.

So how did I spend the last two weeks? Frantically searching for a house before the $8000 credit dries up at the end of the month - a couple of almost offers, but still no luck- catching up on a backlog of assignments and possibly collaborating on a project with another blogger. Anyway, I'm back now and to make up for lost time, here's a round-up of all of the things lately that have really spun my top (I vaguely think that's a real phrase, but if not, I'm still using it):

Top Row ( L to R):
1.The Living In series on Design*Sponge. The blogger picks out modern items that personify different movies. But not just any movies - very, very pretty movies. My favorite posts include: In The Mood for Love (of course), Romeo + Juliet, Edward Scissorhands (what the photo above is from), and Annie Hall.
2.Otis Redding. Especially this song. I can't believe he died at 26. That's one year younger than me! His voice sounds so much more experienced.
3. These sandals scream spring to me. And it doesn't seem like a hard d.i.y. for an old pair of t-straps I already own.
4. A new bear door knocker I spotted a couple of blocks from my apartment. It will be added to my collection. That door color is also pretty divine.

Middle Row (L to R):
1.A petal hemmed dress. I never ended up sewing a dress last summer like I said I would. Maybe this hem will be the new inspiration?
2.Lyell. I love their clothing line, but I think it's the background and lighting in this photo from their Spring 2010 line that really does it for me.
3.Lately The Sartorialist has held a contest featuring vintage photos of readers' fashionable ancestors. Photography + fashion+ vintage + people with interesting faces = Heaven. Just scroll down. There are tons of beauties.
4.Prague signage via Fine Little Day

Bottom Row (L to R):
1.Color Palette via 100 Layer Cake.
2.Pentagram's What Type Are You game is genius and only takes 2 minutes. I highly recommend it. Apparently I am Archer Hairline. I can dig that.
3. A handmade modern looking quilt made up of map handkerchiefs. I really want to buy a couple of those handkerchiefs and turn them into pillows.
4. Vintage illustrated magazine covers. I have a huge folder on my desktop of ones that amaze me. Over the next few weeks, I plan to post a bunch of them. Be prepared to have you minds blown!

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