Earlier this week, I saw a preview screening of the White Stripes documentary, Under Great White Northern Lights, at my favorite music venue in town. The film follows the band's 2007 Icky Thump tour through every province of Canada. It also catches them playing tons of tiny impromptu "secret shows" in bowling alleys, public buses, and children's classrooms along the way, which leads to a priceless scene of a five year old kid leading them on a "wheels on the bus" singalong. I had forgotten how much I like the White Stripes, but this film was a good reminder. The last scene is especially touching and made the whole movie for me.

The documentary was actually a double-feature with Where the Wild Things Are. I know I mentioned plans to see the movie tons of times on here, but nothing ever panned out. I'm glad I finally did, especially on a big screen. I LOVED it, although I can see why a lot of people wouldn't.

Oh and the best part about the whole night - it was "Movie Monday", meaning both films plus popcorn and a drink cost three whole buckaroos. And it takes place in a beautiful historic 19th century theater. That's why The Troc is my absolute favorite music venue in town.

White Stripes and Wild Things

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