We got snowed in Friday night and all day Saturday! Since I'm not the biggest fan of snow, Jesse and I only ventured out when necessary to buy some groceries and last minute Christmas gifts. We spent the rest of the weekend snuggled in blankets and drinking hot chocolate while making our annual Christmas card (I'll post it soon) and watching old movies.

I saw Paper Moon for the first time and loved it! Especially the beautiful black and white cinematography. I found some striking stills from the film on this site if you want to check them out.

image via Refinery 29

We also watched two very nostalgic movies from our childhoods: Real Genius for me and The Last Starfighter for Jesse.

I remember having a vhs copy of Real Genius recorded from television that I played on a loop growing up. Ah, young Val Kilmer, possibly one of my first movie crushes.

A Weekend of Snow and Old Movies

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