Sorry for the long absence. I got a bunch of assignments right around Thanksgiving, which was good for me, but bad for my poor little blog.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! Jesse and I spent the day with his family and stuffed ourselves like was heavenly. Besides eating tons of food on Thanksgiving, I also like to remind myself of the things that I'm especially thankful of right now. Right now that list includes:

1. My aforementioned recent spate of jobs.

2. The many podcasts that keep me entertained me while I'm drawing and painting. Filmspotting
Stuff You Should Know
This American Life
Savage Love - definitely not safe for work or around children or prudish ears
Big Illustration Party Time

3. My book club.
I'm a slightly introverted work-a-holic, who works from home and is married to a recluse. This is a toxic combination that could lead to complete isolation, but once a month I get to meet up with some very nice ladies who remind me why girl-talk is very, very fun. I've made some really good friends from this group and gotten to read some great books. If you have a job that requires you to work from home and you're not a super extrovert, I highly recommend joining a group of some sort - preferably one not related to your line of work...cause ya know, being well-rounded is a good thing.

4. My always patient husband, my family, and my other friends.

5. The extended warm Fall weather we've been having lately. It's actually supposed to reach 60° today!

There are many more things, but five is a nice round number, so I'll leave it at that. Did you do anything fun for Thanksgiving? Anything you're especially grateful for right now?

I forgot to mention that I'm also thankful that I have such nice blog readers. You are few and far between, but I'd much rather have very few visitors who leave such positive comments than a bunch of nasty critics. So, thanks guys.

And thanks to Brigitte Bardot for looking so adorable while feeding a deer, I randomly stumbled upon that top photo ages ago, but saw it again this morning and it made my day.

Late Thanksgiving Thanks

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