I was a little late creating and mailing out our annual holiday card (they finally made it to the post office yesterday), but better late than never, right? Sure, it would have been much easier to just buy a box of cards at a stationary shop, but I'm that certain kind of crazy that gets a thrill out of making envelope liners, choosing matching stamps (we went with the king and queen design), and hand addressing envelopes with specific colors of ink (red this year). And yes, I realize most of these details will go completely unnoticed by the recipients, but I still can't help myself.

Christmas Greetings

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  1. what won't go unnoticed is your adorable personalized design! so much more fun than photo cards.

  2. Your card is so fantastic. What a creative and festive and personalized image!
    I love getting mail - details like the envelope, the ink, the stamps and the postmark are certainly not lost on me. I also like the way the packaging gets warn and scuffed when it goes through the mail. Lovely.

  3. thanks ladies! i'm so glad you liked it!

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  5. Hi Deanna, I was very inspired by your wedding blog (I am in the process of planning my own), and I enjoy making my own greeting cards too. I was wondering if you have a template for an envelope liner. I would like to make one for my own wedding invitations.
    Like you, I think most of the guests or people I send stuff to won't even notice, but I love doing these details too.

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