I know it's traditional to wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving to start putting up Christmas decorations, but with daylight draining away earlier each day and the temperature starting to drop, I'm in desperate need of a little extra sparkle and cheer around the house.

I've only just started gathering our own festive trimmings, so in the meantime I'm posting some of my favorite holiday decorating images from the wonderful world of the interwebs on my little blog to lift my spirits.

(Sources: Top two images via Smile and Wave's flickr, Anthropologie window via House on Hill Road's flickr, paper decoration how-to via design sponge, glass ornaments via polkadot bride, fabric trees via disdressed, branch and wrapping paper via a forgotten source, sorry)

Making Christmas

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  1. every year i hang paper snowflakes from the ceiling. and every year i think about getting a tree and then don't. maybe this year since i think i actually have room in the kitchen.

  2. wow! how gorgeous! my friend and i were talking about how thanksgiving decorations really help get in the spirit but it's hard because the holiday is sort of between halloween and Christmas. i say we need to make a movement towards more thanksgiving decorations :)

  3. oh, julia, hanging snowflakes sound beautiful. you make me really want to try that. i say try for the tree, it's so fun to decorate, even if it's just a tiny fake one or a little potted real one.

    taylor - that's my only issue with thanksgiving. i love celebrating it, and all of the good scents that are associated with it, but there's not much i can do around the house with it to lift my spirits (except eat a lot of pumpkin pies). i know some people put out mini cornucopias and falls leaves, but that's not really my style. i think a fortune could be made if someone actually came up with nicely designed thanksgiving decorations.


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