I remember catching How to Steal a Million on television when I was about seven years old and being completely charmed by it's mod 1960's fashions, sophisticated Parisian art museum setting, and bubbly romantic art heist plot. Last night, I watched it again, wondering if the last twenty years I'd spent living in the real world instead of in a frothy movie plot would have jaded me to this campy little film....and I'm pleased to report that it hasn't. The minute Audrey Hepburn appeared on screen in her white helmet and bug-eyed goggles driving her tiny red 1965 Auntobianchi Eden Roc, I swooned.

This is definitely not a heady film, but if you're ever in the mood for a girlie, escapist fantasy romp, I highly recommend it. Young Peter O'Toole is nearly as fetching and doubly as charming as Audrey Hepburn, so watching them share a scene is like watching a duel of who can out-pretty who. Plus, I'm sure you could make some sort of drinking game out of the number of flashy hats, masks, and sports cars that appear throughout.

Before I return back to real life where I have utility bills and assignment due dates instead of a wardrobe filled with Givenchy, I'll leave with enough doses of eye candy to exceed your recommended daily allowance for a full week:

How To Steal A Million

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  1. I love this film.

    i just randomly came across your blog from googling "how to steal a million" because i've been wanting to do a post on this, so glad i found your blog instead though! it's lovely.

  2. aw, thank you! that's so nice. this is a great film, though. good luck with your post about it!


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