Jesse and I really wanted to see Where The Wild Things Are this weekend, but the colds we'd been battling all week refused to go away, so we decided to stay in and rent Adventureland instead.

Oh, Bill Haverchuck, I've missed you in my life

I'm a sucker for coming of age films that mix comedy and drama (Almost Famous, Rushmore and Say Anything are among my all time faves), so this film felt like it was made for me. If you have similar taste and are also late catching movies that played in theaters over the summer, I'd highly recommend it.

Hopefully next week, we'll make our date with the Wild Things. Did anyone get a chance to see it yet? Also, talking about coming of age films (but one that seems more filled with melodrama and visual style, than comedy), I think this movie looks really good.

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  1. no i haven't seen where the wild things are yet - we've been watching a lot of movies at home via netflix these days. i liked adventureland, but we went into it thinking it would be funny and instead felt thoroughly depressed at its end.

  2. I saw where the wild things are over the weekend... all I will say is that I found it somewhat underwhelming -- maybe as a result of having been overhyped? Not sure. My general sense was that it does better on the page than in feature-film form. That said, there are lots of beautiful things to enjoy in the movie.

    We rented a movie last night and almost got Adventureland... I wish we had! My sister saw it when it was in theaters and, like Julia, was hit with a bout of melancholy once it was over.

  3. i heard a lot of people say that about Adventureland - I think the ad campaign really made it out to be a full-blown comedy, but since I'd heard from friends who saw it in the theaters that it wasn't, I didn't go in with those expectations. And I think that makes a big difference. I had other friends react the same way with 500 Days of Summer, too- if they went in expecting a romantic movie, they left really depressed.

    And I'll be interested to see how I feel about Where The Wild Things Are since I'm such a big fan of the book...we'll see soon!


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