Jesse and I have the creepy distinction of somewhat looking like siblings. Exhibit A:

This just proves that we must both be very, very vain people. The only advantage of this situation is that I've never really had to question what our possible future spawn might look like. Medium brown hair, medium pinkish skin tone, dark eyes, and large noses - check!

Last night, though, through the miracle of the internet (specifically,, I was able to peer into our future and meet our genetic experiment in both baby and adult form.

Welcome to the world, Jesseanna! I forgot to mention that our offspring was also born intergender (the site doesn't do male or female morphs, just androgynous mixes). All in all, s/he's not actually as silly looking as I expected. But given our gene pool, this child would still be guaranteed to endure many long years in that horrible "awkward stage" well as poor eyesight and social anxiety. Sorry kid. It will build character, or at least that was what they used to tell me.

If We Mated

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  1. haha i realized that if me and my jesse have a kid it will have dark brown super curly hair (since curly is dominant) and now whenever i see kids like that it's like a weird peek into my future. i've also already predicted that if we have a girl, she will be jealous of mommy's straight hair and develop a lifelong complex that involves lots of hair straighteners. see clearly i think about the future a little too much!

  2. aw, i'm glad i'm not the only one dreaming about future kids. and as far as curly hair goes, i'd love to trade my thin half wavy/half straight hair for a thick head of curls, so maybe your potential future daughter would love it...although the grass is always greener...


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