I haven't mentioned our house hunt in a while, mainly because it's been at a standstill for the last month or so while we've been re-assessing location, what we really want and whether we can actually afford a house right now. But, about a week ago, Jesse and I looked at a place with a floor plan that housed my dream studio space. The top floor was completely open with huge windows on each side, a high ceiling, and a door leading to a small veranda. Unfortunately, the house is about 20 thousand dollars out of our price range and needs more work than we're probably capable of. Alas, if they ever decide to lower the price, I already know how I'll furnish the studio.

Oh, and speaking of vintage industrial decor, I recently discovered a blog devoted to just such things called poetic home.

photos from top to bottom: country living via oh happy day, i totally forgot where this came from, baileys, three potato four

My Ideal Vintage Industrial Inspired Studio Space

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