Jesse and I are big d.i.y-ers, so we love the website, instructables. If you've never checked it out, it's basically a mecca of how-to information.

Last weekend, Jesse decided to try out this recipe for drumsticks - you know the delicious chococate/nut/ ice cream cone confections found in the freezers of your local 7-11. They weren't very difficult to make and were extremely delicious. Plus, they gave me an excuse to buy hershey's chocolate shell (for some reason I never allow myself buy that, nutella or hotpockets when I go grocery shopping....even though I have no negative reaction to buying cookies or icecream....I don't know how my brain works) Anyway, they turned out fantastically! I'd highly recommend that you try them, or make them with kids, or your friends who act like big kids.

I've already bookmarked my next instructable - how to make a dress from a button down shirt. I'm excited. If mine actually turns out alright, I'll post about it here.

I heart Instructables

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