The internet was a marvelous invention, but it can also suck me into looking at random websites and reading fascinating trivia for hours. Even the loads of inspiration I find here overwhelm me at times. So today, to help me focus on brainstorming a grand idea for a new self-promotional mailer, I'm banning myself from all internet activities except for the occasional email check. Do you ever get so addicted to the internet that you have to cut yourself off cold turkey from time to time?

Also, these letterpress posters from Paper Jam Press read like a freelancer's mantra. I kinda wish I had that "hustlin" one over my desk today for inspiration.

posters found via swiss miss

Unplugged and Hustlin'

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  1. oh i am definitely addicted to the internet but can never go cold turkey. good luck!

  2. thanks! i did really well with it all morning, but then i got an illustration assignment and had to abort the mission early. i'll have to try it again later this actually felt really peaceful and soothing to not have the world at my fingertips for a few hours.


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