Our beach trip was exactly the vacation I needed. We rode bikes, swam laps in a pool, lounged on the beach, played in the ocean, and even saw The Avett Brothers play a show live. We found a mini carnival while walking on the boardwalk that let me add to my photo booth and carousel collections, but the best experience of the day belonged to the gravitron ride. If you've never ridden on a gravitron, I highly recommend that it. And if you don't know what one is, you can see an ancient version of one in this clip from Truffaut's film The 400 Blows (something else that I highly recommend). The clip is long, so if you want to skip to straight to the gravitron segment, it starts around the 30 second mark. Unlike the film, where the ride is filled dispropportionately with adults, we were the only ones on our ride over the age of ten, but I think that only added to the fun.

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