Yesterday I took a short break to do some sketching in Rittenhouse Square Park. Philadelphia has tons of tiny parks scattered throughout the neighborhoods, but Rittenhouse is my favorite. Probably because it's been plopped down among one of the wealthier neighborhoods, but is also located really close to center city and the shopping district. This means that among the beautiful statues and landscaping, rich hipsters with puppies and regulatory au pairs pushing prams, you can always count on spotting a handful of eccentrics strolling the park. Such a mix of people means I'll always be able to find something interesting to draw (usually while eaves dropping on fascinating conversations at the same time).

Yesterday did not disappoint. Halfway through an almost idylic sketch of little boys with scooters sitting by a fountain, a group of mohawk-ed and tattooed gutter punks* sauntered over, stripped down to boxers and proceeded to bath in the fountain. One adventurous young man even attempted laps. This was the first time that I saw anyone try to backstroke in barely two feet of water. But the day got even better the moment all of the children playing in the park took note of these adults splashing around. Since they had always been denied this right and the day was SO HOT, they immediately turned to their mommies and nannies and started begging them to be allowed to jump in the fountain, too. One after another, each red-faced mom, absolutely aghast at the breach of protocol taking place, dragged her squealing child away while whispering how "swimming in the fountain is absolutely NOT allowed". Like I said, I can always count on Rittenhouse Park.

* When I first related this story to Jesse, he told me this was the first time he'd heard this term before. I thought this was a pretty common word, but in case I'm wrong, here's the wikipedia link explaining this sect of society further.

Another random sketchbook page (Adventures in Rittenhouse Square)

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