Quilts usually aren't my thing. I always associate them with Log Cabins and Country Living Magazine, neither of which are bad, but they're just not my style. This quilt I would curl up in immediately and love forever.

Via Ohdeedoh

Color Wheel Quilt

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  1. Oh, I've seen this before, and I totally want to make it! I've almost ordered the fabric bundle, but never pull the trigger because (1) I'm not really a quilt person, and (2) I don't know how to sew. But it's so pretty!

  2. i'd love to have a beautiful quilt prob cuz i do like log cabin and country style...but i think my dogs might destroy it.

  3. Not all quilts are log cabins and country. I would say that the 20+ quilts I've made in the last 10 years are opposite of country. Maybe someday you'll get one. After I'm done with Liz's.

  4. yeah, i might have to order the pattern after i've finished the 10 or so other sewing projects i promised myself i'd try.

    haha...oh sarah, i didn't mean to discount any of your quilts:) i've seen a ton of really beautiful modern ones lately that are really opening up my eyes to their possibilities.


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