I own way more vintage film cameras than any amateur photographer should. The majority of these are flea market and thrift store finds that I picked up for five or ten bucks. A couple of months ago I decided that I couldn't buy any new ones until I started actually using all of the ones that I already own (I probably only use one or two on a regular basis).

This is my one struggle with collecting. I'm actually a very clean person with a slightly minimal aesthetic. I don't like tons of extra clutter around the house or owning a lot of extraneous objects. This tendency completely contradicts my love of collecting. I guess that's why most of my collections are photos of experiences, rather than actual things. So, although I love my old film cameras, I'll probably end up parting with the ones that I don't actually use.

Of course, getting rid of a couple of cameras won't suddenly transform our home this immaculately clean oasis because I had to marry the king of all pack rats. Tomorrow, maybe I'll show you a couple of Jesse's many collections.

Collection #3: Vintage Cameras

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