Last week sort of got the best of me, so I'm publishing a belated Friday video again.

I remember when I was little watching strings and strings of '60s beach movies on AMC during summer (they also played a lot of Elvis movies back to back). The plots were paper thin, but the dance scenes more than made up for it. So, to kick off the first day of June, here's some giddy, retro summer beach go-go fun. I'm kind of in love with those vintage bikinis...and bouffant hairstyles.

Sometimes when I'm stressed out or cranky, I have to take a 5 minute dance break. You should try it sometime, it does wonders. I think I'm going to need to start incorporating some of Candy Johnson's go-go moves from the end credits of Bikini Beach into my routine.

And to close out of retro beach theme, here's a vintage coppertone commercial. I really want to copy their logo's divine.

Video Friday...on Monday again

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  1. I usually watch them on Monday morning before I leave anyway!

    Love the dancing.

  2. thanks! dancing always puts me in the best mood - i guess that's why i post a lot of videos about it:)


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