This morning while I was walking around the city, I kept hearing people blasting out Micheal Jackson tunes - two twenty year old girls in an old car shouting out the lyrics to "Beat It", a guy on a motorcycle blaring "The Girl is Mine", and a high end SUV playing "Man In The Mirror". Even though Michael Jackson's behavior grew increasingly bizarre as he got older, you have to hand it to him for creating music that crossed all race and class lines. And it was the music that I grew up to, so it only seemed fitting to make today's Video Friday a Michael Jackson Tribute day. After all, with Thriller, he did kind of change Music Video's into an art form.

Here are two videos created by the same youtube guy, AbejaMoriposaJr. The second one is kinda long for still really nice. You can watch the original version of Smooth Criminal here.

Video Friday - Micheal Jackson Day

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