We heard back from our real estate agent today and it turns out that someone else turned in a similar offer for the house right before we did, so they're getting the contract. We're next on the list if something doesn't work out though. Maybe the buyer will get cold feet...just kidding...really.

Actually, we're fine with it, we have tons of time to keep looking, and now we're more prepared for the next time we want to make an offer on a home.

P.S. - The almost-home was a forest-green, three bedroom bungalow in Collingswood, NJ. So we would have had to give up our city cred to become Suburban Jerseyans, something we used to say we'd never do...but the extra large space for our studio and the tiny lily pad pond in the backyard would have been so worth it. Oh well, we'll keep looking.

(house collage by Catherine Campbell)

Oh Well...

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