I don't know why I've been so late with my Friday videos the last few weeks...I guess I'm just falling behind. But here's another delayed one to start your week on a good note. I love this movie! Have you ever seen Some Like It Hot? If not, you should definitely rent it.

So, happy very belated birthday, Miss Monroe (June 1st)! Oh, and I have a lot of odd hobbies, but remembering celebrity birthdays isn't one of them. I could always count on seeing Marilyn Monroe movie marathons or tributes play on TV the day before my birthday, though, so it's just another useless trivia fact burned into my brain.

Friday Video (on Monday, yet again)

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  1. GREAT movie! What is better than Marilyn and Tony Curtis in drag?!?! HELLO! AMAZING! I own this one...along with most of her other movies. I'm kinda obsessed. You should try to find Niagra. It's not a musical, but still a good one. Oh, and Bus Stop. That one is SUPER cute.

  2. I know what you mean. I love curling up with a blanket and marilyn monroe movie. There are so many good ones. I haven't seen Niagra yet, though, so thanks for the recommendation!


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